16000 DWT/19500 M3 Chemical Tanker IMO II

16000 DWT/19500 M3 Chemical Tanker IMO II

The vessel is designed as a Chemical Tanker with a single propeller vessel with a twostroke diesel engine, vertical bow, forecastle and transom stern. The vessel is designed to carry minimum 7-grades fully segregated simultaneously.

Main Particulars

Length o.a. 141.50 m
Length p.p. 138.70 m
Breadth 23.00 m
Depth 12.30 m
Draught 8.40 m
Deadweight 16000 t


Cargo cubic 19500 m3
Cargo type MARPOL, IBC, IMO 2 & 3
Cargo system 16 tanks


Service speed 13.00 kn


Main engines Man B&W engine type 5G45Me-B-B9 (Tier II)
Installed power SMCR 4700 kW


Classifi cati on
DNV 1A1 Tanker for Chemicals ESP - Ship type 2, SPM, E0, NAUT-OC, VCS-1, CLEAN, BIS, TMON, INERT, COW, NAUTICUS (Newbuilding)

Scope of work

Concept Design, including:
General Arrangement
Outline specifications
Lines plan
Speed and power prediction and verification

KEH 1488.06

1488.06 Chemical Tanker 2

1488.06 Chemical Tanker 5

1488.06 Chemical Tanker 3

1488.06 Chemical Tanker 1