Floating Hotel

Floating Hotel

The floating hotel is formed by nine levels. Each level consists of a ‘ring’ of suites around an atrium.

The hotel is arranged with a reception area including administration and accountancy offices, shops, hairdresser’s saloon, travel agency, bank facilities, restaurants and conference rooms. A sun deck with swimming pool, fitness area and pool bar is arranged. The hotel is arranged with a central supply area for various stores and provision and a main laundry. A lounge room and a self-service restaurant for the personnel is arranged near the galley area.

Main Particulars

Length o.a. 147,40 m
Breadth moulded 63,00 m
Design draught 4,00 m


Number of suites 384
Lobby area 150 seats
Coffee shops 200 seats
Restaurant 200 seats
Pub area 105 seats
Sun deck area 200 seats

Power supply

The electrical load for the hotel is via a shore connection.
Two independent emergency diesel generators will cover the emergency power supply.


+1A1 DNV R5, Barge, GMD Hotel Barge

Scope of Work

Tender Design


1788.06 Hotel _3d _view

1788.06 Hotel _side _view

Preview Hotel Ship 2

Preview Hotel Ship 3

Preview Hotel Ship

Floating Hotel vessel designed by Knud e. hansen  1788.06 Hotel _side _view _alpha