Fishing Vessel-Factory Trawler

Fishing Vessel-Factory Trawler

Laid out as a modern freezing trawler with two continuous decks and a partly covered upper deck, this trawler is intended to work as a single otter board and/or pair trawler for both bottom and/or mid-water trawling. The hold and engine room are located under the first deck which, in turn, holds the fish processing area. The trawl handling winches and other equipment are found on the second deck along with crew accommodation, which also extends into the superstructure. 

Technical Details

  • Length o.a. 50,00 m
  • Length p.p. 48,00 m
  • Breadth 11,25 m
  • Depth, Factory Deck 4,50 m
  • Depth, Trawl Deck 7,00 m
  • Draught, Design 4,45 m
  • Draught, scantling 5,00 m
  • Hold Volume 700 m3
  • Factory Deck Area 300 m2
  • Receiving Bin Volume 2x30 m3
  • Fuel 250 m3
  • Fresh Water 50 m3
  • Silage, etc. 80 m3
  • Service speed 12 knots
  • Propeller optimized for 5 knots (towing speed)
  • Alt 1 Traditional Diesel Engine via reduction gear Alt 2 Diesel Electric Alt 3 Hybrid (traditional D. E. with electric PTO/PTI) Propulsion Power, about 1500 kW
  • Propeller CP, Ø-3500 mm in nozzle, Propeller (alt) 2 azimuths in nozzles
  • El-Power Engines (apart from propulsion) 2x500 kW
  • Class designation DNV, Fishing Vessel, Stern Trawler, Option Ice C, Clean, Number of single cabins: 6, Number of double cabins: 8, Hospital, with 2 beds: 1

What the press wrote.

Enhanced operating efficiency and processing capacity are the key drivers behind the design of a new factory trawler from Denmark-based KNUD E. HANSEN A/S.