24 m Patrol Emergency Response Vessel

24 m Patrol Emergency Response Vessel

The vessel to be designed as an emergency response vessel for operation in coastal waters.

The vessel will have the following capabilities:

  • Patrol
  • Fire-fighting
  • Search and rescue
  • Emergency response

The vessel is intended to operate in a flexible role, capable of performing routine harbour and coastal patrol duties typical of a coastguard or police vessel and also be suited to emergency response, search and rescue and fire-fighting duties.

Consideration to UKOOA - ERRV survey guidelines is made. SOLAS consolidated edition 2004 with all protocols applicable to be applied.

Notation: 1A1 HSLC R3 PATROL E0 FiFi-1.

The hull will be constructed of foam/balsa core with fire resistant vinylester resin and E-glass/Aramid fibre reinforced skins, local reinforcements in carbon fibre where applicable. Superstructure is to be constructed of foam and/or honeycomb cores, laminated with fire resistant vinylester resin with glass-fibre/Aramid reinforced skins. 

Deck areas constructed of end grain balsa core with fire resistant vinylester resin and Eglass/aramid fibre reinforced skins.

Scope of work

  • Complete Design


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