Sarfaq Ittuk

Sarfaq Ittuk

This vessel was designed for and built by Ørskov Christensen Shipyard, Denmark. The vessel was delivered to Arctic Umiaq Line, Greenland, in 1992. Further two sister vessels have been built to the same design. Two of the ships, Sarfaq Itt uk and Sarpik Itt uk were lengthened in 2000. They are fitted out for short international cruises and ferry operations along the coastline of Greenland.

Scope of work

  • Initial Design
  • Basic Design developed together with the shipyard
  • Conversion Design of lengthening developed for the owner
  • The lengthening conversion took place at Gdansk Shipyard, Remontowa, in Poland.

Classification DNV
Number of vessels built: 3

IMO number Sarfaq Itt uk 8913899
IMO number Sarpik Itt uk 8913916
IMO number Saqqit Itt uk 8913904


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