Mono-Pile Upending Trolley

Mono-Pile Upending Trolley

For MT Højgaard and the Sheringham wind turbine farm in UK, KNUD E. HANSEN A/S has designed a ”mono-pile upending trolley”, which solves the problem of how to upend a monopile from a supply vessel by a floating crane with a fixed hoist. The trolley runs on longitudinal tracks on the supply vessel. A tiltable cradle is suspended on a hydraulic heave compensating system and a wooden-lined shoe that carries one end of the mono-pile is suspended in the cradle on a slew bearing allowing an angular movement of the mono-pile.

Further studies for the project include interface investigations and drawings for the supply vessels and the floating crane ”Svanen”, design and FEM analysis of the rail systems on the supply vessels, seafastening for the mono-piles and transition pieces as well as design of specialised equipment for transport and installation of two substatisons including installation of internal and external J-tubes.

Scope of work

Detailed 3D design and workshop drawings for:

  • Upending trolley

  • Tracks, mono-pile cradles & jacks, deck equipment etc. on supply vessels

  • Seafastening for mono-piles, transiti on pieces and J- tube racks on supply vessels

  • 3D Interface drawings for 3 different supply ships in the dock of the floating crane ”Svanen”, including 3D computer images and upending animation video.

FEM analysis of:
  • Upending trolley

  • Track systems and internal structure in the supply vessels

  • Hydraulic jacks and mono-pile support shoes

  • Loading conditions and calculation of accelerations

  • Mooring calculations and towing arrangement

  • Dynamic analysis of mono-pile lashing

  • Model testing of upending procedure


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