Shippax Award 2017 to KNUD E. HANSEN

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shippax Award 2017 to KNUD E. HANSEN

At the Ferry Shipping Conference 2017 KNUD E. HANSEN received recognition for our work performed on SPITSBERGEN. 

ShipPax write SPITSBERGEN has been awarded for:

The successful conversion of an unfinished ferry into a fully-fledged expedition cruise ship, complete with a strengthened hull. Essentially a new ship, SPITSBERGEN also features a crisp and stylish interior.
Owner: Hurtigruten
Shipyard: Fosen Yard
Naval Architects: Knud E. Hansen/Fosen Yard
Interior architects: Tillberg Design

Read more about or work here 

The M/V Atlantida, a RoPax that never came into service, is under conversion into a Premium Explorer Vessel, M/S Spitsbergen, for Hurtigruten AS. The conversion is took place at Fosen Yard AS in Norway, and the vessel sailed in 2016. The conversion includes a total refurbishment of the two car decks. Deck 3 has been rearranged into a pallet/zodiac storage area and a crew cabin area, while deck 4 has become a passenger cabin area, with a brand new mooring deck arrangement in the aft part. Deck 5 maintains its public space characteristics, but is undergoing major changes in the main restaurant, reception hall and the forward lounge. Passenger cabins with balconies are being added in the aft part of deck 6, as well as the update of the existing ones and of the forward lounge. Finally, passenger cabins, a sauna and a crew/passenger gym have been added on deck 7, leading to a rearrangement of the whole area.

Shippax Award 2017 Spitsbergen Conversion By Knud E . Hansen Naval Architects

Spitzbergen By KNUD E. HANSEN Vessel Designer