Flexible feeders can be carbon light

Friday, April 27, 2012

2012-04-27 Flexible feeders can be carbon ligt

Power company ABB asked ship designer KNUD E. HANSEN A/S to come up with a vessel de3sign that would showcase its marine technology. The result is the E-Max and the smaller Bangkok-Max container feeder vessels that are 20% cleaner say the Danish designers.

"The major fuel saving advantages of the ABB powered feeder vessel is that it can sail equally efficient at 2 knots or at 20 knots"

Read more about the ABB Bangkok-Max container feeder vessel designed by KNUD E. HANSEN A/S.

Apr . 27-2012

Apr . 27-2012 2

Article from The Naval Architect. 

Read the press release from KNUD E. HANSEN A/S here.