Offshore & Offshore Wind

Offshore & Offshore Wind

Integrated services for the offshore & offshore wind industry

The offshore wind sector has grown dramatically in recent years in the number and size of both the turbines themselves and of the collective installations (farms).  

The engineering challenges have likewise increased greatly in scale and scope, requiring the application of specialist knowledge right across the project process from planning, design and engineering, through to installation and commissioning. 

KNUD E. HANSEN A/S has the skills and experience to act as a valuable partner at every stage of an offshore wind project, from conceptual development right through to connecting the wind farm to the grid and the first electricity flowing to the shore. 

The success of any offshore wind turbine project requires in-depth knowledge of the demanding environmental conditions that the finished installation will encounter, and a detailed understanding of the various stages that it must go through in order to be delivered on time and on budget.  

We divide these project phases as follows, and offer specialist staff and resources for each;