HVAC Marine & Offshore Solutions, Design & Consultancy

HVAC Marine & Offshore Solutions, Design & Consultancy

KNUD E. HANSEN is a leader in the design and engineering of HVAC systems for maritime & Offshore environments.

Our projects take us all over the world and cover offshore installations as well as every type of vessel up to aircraft carriers and the largest cruise ships.

We handle HVAC assignments on new builds, refits and conversions and can offer support for every stage of the design, build and installation process with services that include general consultancy and project management as well as core design and engineering.

We work on projects of all sizes, either independently or in cooperation with third parties, and deliver a service that meshes smoothly with the methods and procedures of each client.


In any HVAC system a range of actions can be taken both on new builds and existi ng vessels to maximise efficiency.

Analysis of HVAC installations can be separated into two main areas: mechanical and automation. Review of both of these areas will result in an energy optimised system.

Our latest project is expected to gain up to 25% efficiency with a payback period of less than 6 months.
We are independent of equipment manufacturers and suppliers, meaning that our solutions can be fully customised to our clients' needs

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