Vibration Noise Thermal Analysis

Vibration, noise & thermal analysis

Structural vibration can cause fatigue and durability problems in the system itself and uncomfortable sensations and noise for the people on board. It may also prevent a system from operating properly and can potentially become a safety concern. 

Noise and vibration are two of the most often directly perceived traits of a vessel. KNUD E. HANSEN A/S can simulate and predict how a component or system will vibrate under varying operating conditions, and can recommend improvements that will enhance both the performance and comfort of a vessel or structure. 

Thermal Analysis

KNUD E. HANSEN A/S can help owners to understand how a vessel’s structure and performance will respond when exposed to heat transfer.

Analysis can be undertaken to study the effect of temperature variations on the behaviour of a structure, both in terms of the stress response and failure.


Vibration And Noise