We provide calculations of mooring lines loads, loads in the floating fenders, relative motions and limiting operability under any predetermined range of environmental conditions, for any type of offloading configuration.

Towing and Transportation

Towing And Transport

Real-time calculations for towing operations can be supplied that factor in a full range of potential variables including the required tug force, towing lines loads and relative motions.

Transit, seafastening and operability analyses are also supplied for offshore structures transported on board barges or vessels. Typical inputs for these calculations include wave motion and wind load.

Behaviour of Offshore Risers

To aid in the prediction of the behaviour of offshore risers KNUD E. HANSEN A/S undertakes the analysis of factors including the global loads, fatigue life, and the motion behaviour of risers between a floater and the seabed or between two floaters. Inputs for the dynamic model can also include the motion of the vessel, direct wave loads and current loads.