Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • A powerful finite-volume-based program package for solving problems involving flow (of fluids and solids), heat transfer and stress
  • Provides steady-state, unsteady implicit/explicit, harmonic balance time solutions
  • Allows for stationary and moving reference frames, rigid body motion, mesh morphing and large displacement solid stress motion
  • Can handle single, multi-phase and multi-component fluids
  • Allows inviscid, laminar, turbulent (rans, les, des), transition modeling regime
  • Integrates multi-discipline calculations for finite volume stress modeling, fluid structure, fluid induced motion in 6degrees of freedom including propulsion and manoeuvring


Ship Dynamics
  • A powerful ship/structure dynamics tool with the capacity for multibody analysis
  • 3D panel method with capacity to solve in both frequency and time domains
  • Includes tools to analyse global performance of moored and/or connected systems in regular and irregular seas

MARTEC Waveload-FD

Ship Dynamics
  • Hydrodynamic module of Lloyds Register ShipRight software suite
  • 3D panel method based on the zero speed Green function with a forward speed correction in the frequency domain
  • Used to predict vessel motions, hull pressure distributions and sea loads for ships moving in waves